Airport Transfers

There are airport taxis at Entebbe Airport that you can use upon arrival.

If you would like to pre-book an airport transfer ahead of your arrival please send us your arrival time and flight number so that we can arrange it.

Transport to the Kwanjula - 14th July

This will be arranged, since the groom's entourage has to arrive at the bride's parents' home together.

Transport from Commonwealth Resort to the Church - 21st July

This will be arranged too.

You will need to be ready to leave the hotel at 11:30

Transport around Kampala

Taxis (cabs)

There are many taxi companies in Kampala, we recommend using taxis that are clearly marked as taxis. Examples include City Cab, Kampala Taxi, etc.

Uber and Taxify are also available.

Take the same precautions you would normally take when visiting any other foreign big city in any part of the world.

Public transport

Mini-vans (commonly called taxis/matatu) run the public service transport in Uganda. Upcountry trips are also serviced by buses.

Public transport in Uganda is cheap but can not be relied upon for timeliness. The matatu (mini-van) leaves whenever it's full, buses do the same. So this has to be factored in travel time if you want to use public transport.
Phrosne Ras